How to Sell Single Line Diagrams as a Service to your Customers

Con.doit assisting customer

Single line diagrams are a necessary evil. There’s nothing worse than getting an emergency call from a customer and hurrying out to the facility, only to find out that the only single line you’ve got is a set of as-builts from 1982. Now you have to spend an hour (or more) following conduit in a drop-ceiling and flipping breakers just to narrow down where the problem is. And creating these single lines ahead of time is not practical either. Sending one of your guys to a facility with a legal pad and a pen seems like a waste of time. Who’s going to draw the diagram in AutoCAD? Where would you keep it? 

Electrical contractors can now…

build single line diagrams in real time with a brand new technology called Condoit. Condoit is a no-frills tablet application that walks one of your guys through the collection of all the info needed for a single line and then draws the single line for them

The Condoit record is digital and in the cloud so it can be updated and changed whenever from wherever. And can be exported to PDF or CAD or whatever else you may need. 

Condoit also has a punch list feature built-in to the data collection so that when you’re all done producing the single line, you’ve got a big list of stuff that needs to be fixed. You’re creating future revenue for yourself. 

Materials are taking forever to get…

and a lot of companies are having to shuffle guys around to find something for them to do while they wait. Condoit is a great use of their time that produces billable hours, creates work in the future, and involves zero materials cost. With a Condoit subscription an electrician or group of electricians can be out making money for the company and generating a punch list for all the facilities you work with and that you don't work with yet. 

And best of all you’ll know where everything is when you get that emergency call from the maintenance guy. 

Pueblo Electric in Colorado…

is using Condoit to build single line diagrams for the entire school district. Not only are they charging the schools to create the single lines, they’re generating millions of dollars in work updating the school’s branch circuit panels and other equipment after the diagrams are completed.