Condoit Infrared Reporting

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Electrical Infrared Analysis and Reporting

Infrared analysis and reporting is essential for electrical systems in commercial buildings. But spending half of your day creating reports is frustrating and it feels inefficient. 

But the problem isn’t you. It’s your tools. 

Condoit is the first app designed to help electrical contractors survey commercial buildings and efficiently create comprehensive reports in the field. Historical data in the Infrared Reports makes every inspection and report easier than the last. 

Our app includes digital tools that help electrical contractors streamline work, improve productivity, and increase profits.

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Infrared Reporting Features

Condoit includes every tool you need to efficiently create digital infrared audit reports and share them with your clients.
  • Infrared inspection report templates for faster, cleaner data input
  • Placeholders for data required by compliance standards
  • Infrared camera integration
  • Thermal images organized and tagged by location
  • Historical data integrated to monitor changes over time
  • Fully integrated with the facility's digital single-line diagram
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    Condoit Also Includes

    Infrared Camera Integration

    [condoit] works seamlessly with FLIR Thermography Cameras, including the FLIR E95 and the FLIR E96. Teledyne FLIR is the leading provider of infrared cameras for electrical contractors. Their equipment takes sharp images that help you verify electrical system safety and communicate issues. 

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    Fully Integrated Infrared Electrical Inspection Reports

    With [condoit], your infrared electrical inspection reports are fully integrated into the facility's digital single-line diagram. This creates a great opportunity for electrical contractors, because once you have a facility's single-line diagram, you have their business.

    Find out how infrared inspection analysis and reporting can help you grow your business today.
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    Condoit , Serving Electrical Contractors

    Condoit is the first app developed by electrical contractors, for electrical contractors. See how our app provides digital tools that equip the trade for the future.
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