Condoit Product


The Condoit tablet application, available on both iPad and Android, allows a user to build an industry-standard digital single-line diagram of a facility's electrical system in minutes rather than days.

Standard Condoit collection also includes built-in photos and notes about system equipment as well as all the required data for arc flash analysis.System notes are combined into a punch list of items to be fixed after the collection process is complete.

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Condoit iPad app with single line diagram


Built-in engineering calculations allow users to check load on equipment in a matter of seconds.Calculations are based on measured load or"apparent" load.Load limitations are based on NEC ampacity tables and upstream trip ratings on equipment.
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After collection of existing electrical system information, Condoit allows users to create design simulations of new equipment with just a few taps.Using the analysis feature, users can check how the proposed equipment will affect the existing load limitations.
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Electric Vehicle Readiness Assessment (EVRA)

The EVRA is a five-page set of documents auto generated. by the Condoit collection application that is a full profile of a facility's electrical system along with calculations showing how much capacity for electric vehicle charger installation each piece of equipment in the system has.

The EVRA is created by the Condoit platform in a matter of seconds, eliminating the time and resources usually reserved for design services.This is a significant sales and engineering tool for electrical contractors, electrical engineers, and EV charger installation companies.