About Us

Condoit is designed for electricians, by electricians. We understand the job, and we know looking for ease and accessibility in drawings, inspections, reporting, and analysis of commercial electrical systems. 

Condoit is the first app-based tool for creating single-line diagrams in the field. Ditch your pen and paper for good. We developed a platform to support electrical contractors because we know that reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are essential.

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The Condoit Story

First and foremost, Ian Hoppe - the founder of Condoit, is a commercial electrician.

Ian started in the field as an apprentice in his early teens and fell in love with the trade. His dad, an electrical engineer, and his journeyman, Steve, taught him to do the job right. They taught him the importance of high-quality installation, record keeping, and analysis. 

After high school, Ian traveled all over the country, working in heavy commercial and industrial environments. He did everything from maintaining oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to out-of-the-ground new construction for a major grocery chain. Eventually, he returned to Birmingham, Alabama, his hometown, and began working for an electrical engineering firm many years later.

Ian has spent thousands of hours creating single-line diagrams with paper and pencils. He would measure and document a building and then spend hours in the office getting it all down on paper. Ian thought, "There has to be a better way."As it turns out, there wasn't.

So he made one.

And Condoit was born. 
Ian Hoppe - Condoit Founder
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The App

Condoit is the new digital toolbox for electrical contractors. Schedule a demo today and to see why this app will be your new best friend.
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Why We Do What We Do

Condoit was developed by electricians for electricians, and we are committed to serving the trade. Our vision and mission statements are guideposts that keep us relentlessly focused on giving electrical contractors the tools they need to prosper and serve their clients well.


Our clients should have the tools to show their customers how their electrical system affects their organization, compliance, and risk profile.


Condoit accelerates the electrical industry's digital transition by making change easy, data accessible, and analysis instant.

Our Team

Ian Hoppe, Founder & CEO
Ian Hoppe
Spencer Wyatt, Condoit Head of Product Development
Spencer Wyatt
Head of Product Development
(205) 202-0756
Baker Heppenstall, Condoit VP for Growth
Baker Heppenstall
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Condoit, Serving Electrical Contractors

Condoit is the first app developed by electrical contractors, for electrical contractors. See how our app provides digital tools that equip the trade for the future.
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