Condoit Green Energy Installation

Fully Integrated EV & Green Energy Installation Tools

The number of EV chargers in the US will grow from 380,000 now to 2.4 million in 2030. That number is staggering.

It means that we have under 8 years to install over 2 million chargers. That's 724 of them every day, 7 days a week.

Behind every single one of these EV installations is an electrical engineer and an electrician trying to figure out how to best make this new, large load fit into an aged and likely undocumented electrical system.

We're on a mission to accelerate the installation of EV chargers across the US. Our software streamlines and automates the manual processes around the design and installation of chargers in commercial locations.
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Green Energy Installation Features

Green Energy Installation is available in [condoit], the first app designed by electrical contractors for electrical contractors. It includes:
  • EV charger installation support
  • Automated panel scheduling
  • Access to a simulated environment
  • Pass/fail upstream load calculations
  • Fully integrated with the facility's digital single-line diagram
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    Condoit Also Includes

    • Digitized electrical system data collection and system analysis
    • Updateable at the touch of a button when changes occur
    • Eliminate errors - create a true, validated accessible model
    • Take pictures and tag them by location
    • Client-accessible one-line diagrams for compliance
    • Fully integrated with the facility's single-line diagram
    • Coming Soon: Arc flash reporting

    An EV Charger Installation App To Help You Grow Your Business

    Commercial EV charging station installation is one of the best ways for electrical contractors to get a steel-toed foot in the door with new clients. And we aren't just talking about our friends in California. We are seeing this trend just as much at our headquarters in Birmingham, AL.  

    Electrical contractors are building businesses as they build the future. 

    EV charger installation is one of the best ways to gain new opportunities, but that's just the start. You will need to add the EV charger to the facility's single-line diagram, and condoit has everything you need to do this quickly, efficiently, in the field. 

    And when you have a facility's single-line, you have their business. 
    Condoit iPad app

    Condoit, Serving Electrical Contractors

    Condoit is the first app developed by electrical contractors, for electrical contractors. See how our app provides digital tools that equip the trade for the future.
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