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Senior Developer

React and React Native

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Location: Birmingham, AL

Salary: $100-115K Annual, depending on skills and experience

Condoit is a fast-growing software company creating modern, mobile tools for the electrical industry. We are in the early stages of a once-in-a-lifetime transition in our energy infrastructure to renewal sources and electric vehicles. To accelerate this transformation, Condoit is helping electrical contractors in the field to conduct site assessments and design project scenarios for EV chargers, solar arrays, and other energy projects.

Over the last two years we have built a mobile React Native app that is used by contractors all over the United States and are growing our development team to continue building our core mobile application, expand with a React web-based platform, and improve and scale our backend infrastructure.

We are hiring senior level developers who are self-motivated, work well in a growing team, and are quick to learn and implement new technology to creatively solve problems. Developers with a strong, versatile JavaScript background that can work on both backend (Node.js primarily in serverless functions) and frontend (React Native mobile, React web) projects are preferred.

Condoit is hiring multiple developers for this role with complementary expertise. Those with strengths in some but not all of the “Flexible Requirements” below, please apply.

As we grow our team, this role will have the opportunity for fast leadership advancement and a path to equity participation.

We are currently a hybrid work environment with an office in downtown Birmingham, AL. While this position can be primarily work-from-home, we would ideally like for you to be in or near Birmingham and available to meet and work in the office occasionally.

As an expanding startup, we are committed to supporting our team members and their families. Employees enjoy flexibility in work schedules and vacation policy and we cover 100% of individual and family health insurance costs.


Core Requirements

Flexible Requirements

We’d like for you to have expertise in at least a few of these areas:

To submit your resume or get more information about Condoit or the open position, reach out to info@condoit.io

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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About Condoit

Condoit was developed by electricians for electricians, and we are committed to serving the trade. Our vision and mission statements are guideposts that keep us relentlessly focused on giving electrical contractors the tools they need to prosper and serve their clients well.


Our clients should have the tools to show their customers how their electrical system affects their organization, compliance, and risk profile.


Condoit accelerates the electrical industry's digital transition by making change easy, data accessible, and analysis instant.