Behind Every EV Charger Installation is a Single-Line Diagram

If you haven’t been asked about installing electric vehicle chargers, you will be. The EV boom is upon us. It’s only a matter of time before almost every customer starts asking what it takes to install charging stations at their facility. 

But installation isn’t simple. Most people underestimate the load EV chargers place on aging electrical systems. Here’s how you can prepare for this new wave of business. 

The Information You Need Before Installing EV Chargers

Two EV chargers can add 120 amps of draw to a system. How can you ensure the connecting panel can take the added load? Are the incoming conductors large enough? Can the upstream breakers handle both new chargers running at the same time? What about when the chiller kicks on? 

If you can't answer these questions quickly and accurately in the field, you'll lose the job. If you get the job and the load calculations aren't correct,  you'll get callbacks when the EV chargers start tripping breakers. 

Condoit’s new feature set is the key to accurate load calculations and system analysis in the field. 

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Analyzing the System

To understand the effect an EV charger install will have, you need an up-to-date single-line diagram and a comprehensive understanding of the electrical system. You will also need a record of your work and system changes to communicate effectively with your customer. And that record needs to be digital, changeable, and help you make the right decisions about how to complete the installation, along with pictures and notes. 

Condoit allows contractors to build a digital single-line diagram of the facility electrical system, mock up the installation of future EV chargers, and see how the added load will affect upstream equipment. If the wiring or breaker trip rating is inadequate, Condoit will flag that part of the system, and you’ll know just how much work is required to complete the installation properly. 

Pictured: Condoit Electric Vehicle Charger Icon Mockup

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