Adding Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installations to A Facility's Electrical System

Are you a facility owner or an electrical contractor looking to get an edge in the rapidly changing world in which we live?

We will let you in on a little secret: We're in the opening act of a once-in-a-generation infrastructure upgrade on par with Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System—the buildout of electric vehicle (EV) charger buildout infrastructure.

Government Funding For EV Charger Installations

By 2025, 25% of new car sales will be electric. Currently, the US has 121,000 public EV charging stations, and we will need 879,000 additional chargers in the next 3 years. So the current administration is pumping $5 billion into the problem.

States are joining the federal government by allocating millions of dollars in grants and incentives to pay for electric vehicle charger installation in parking lots and facilities where you live and work. Take advantage of these funds while they’re available.

The Key To Successful EV Charger Installations

Before each new EV charger launch party and all the associated pomp-and-circumstance, there had to be an electrician with a single-line diagram making sure the facility's electrical system was up to the task.

Here’s why having a single-line diagram of your facility is so important! 


The key to successful EV charger installations is understanding the electrical system, but most facilities don't have an up-to-date single-line diagram if they have one at all. Even if it is up to date, it's on paper, and updating it with the new EV charging station will be a chore. 

At least it would have been a chore if we hadn't made it so easy to create digital single-line diagrams, updateable with the touch of a button. 


Check out this post where we build and export a single-line diagram in less than two minutes.

Adding EV Chargers To Your Single-Line Diagram

The Condoit Green Module enables EV chargers, solar arrays, and battery banks to Condoit's platform. We are proud to announce we've included it in our base package!

The Green Module makes it possible for electrical contractors to mock up an EV charger installation and identify the parts of the facility's electrical infrastructure that need an upgrade to handle the extra load. The app helps you estimate and quote electrical system upgrades, dramatically reducing planning and engineering costs. 


Condoit was built by electricians for electricians, and this is the sales tool we've always wanted. We can't wait for you to give it a try. Contact us at to schedule a demo today. 


Are you in the EV charger installation industry? Do you own a retail location looking to get EV chargers installed? Are you related in some way to green energy policy and procedure? We'd like to talk to you. Email us at or visit our contact page to connect.