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Digital Single-Line Features

These features are included in every package.
  • Create digital single-line diagrams
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Add notes and pictures tagged by location
  • Flag maintenance and code issues
  • Export customizable reports
  • Instant cloud sharing
  • Validated data input process
  • Automated panel scheduling
  • Web interface (coming soon)
  • Admin portal access
  • Structured 30-day online onboarding
  • Speedy technical support
  • Access to knowledge resources
  • Access to customer reference network

Other Features

Green Energy Installation

Built-in simulations and load calculations for EV charger installations and solar arrays.
  • Access to simulated environment
  • Pass/fail upstream equipment check
  • Personal online training available

Infrared Reporting

Automatically import infrared photos and build inspection reports.

(Coming Soon)
  • Green Equipment Suite Access
  • IR Camera Integration
  • Import IR Images
  • Automated IR report generation
  • Personal online training available

Arc Flash Analysis

Digitally document and log information for instant arc flash analysis.
(Coming Soon)
  • Short circuit functions
  • System equipment coordination
  • Engineering portal
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Arc flash label creation
  • Personal online training available
  • In-person training available
Condoit iPad app

Condoit, Serving Electrical Contractors

Condoit is the first app developed by electrical contractors, for electrical contractors. See how our app provides digital tools that equip the trade for the future.
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